The SACU's New Online Membership System

We’re delighted to announce that the Scottish Auto Cycling Union (SACU) have taken their membership administration to the next level and are now live with GoMembership. 

Benefitting from the latest software updates SACU will be able to streamline the annual purchase of memberships for members and simplify the event permit applications process for any auto cycle events in Scotland. With strict regulatory requirements, it is important that GoMembership mandates the appropriate information for each discipline type, including; from medical forms to eye tests, from Covid declarations to insurance coverage. All of which can easily be provided within one single GoMembership solution.

SACU have also seen the benefit of Club+ to their club community and will be encouraging clubs to take advantage of the club administration software. Club+ opens up a whole host of features to the club administrators and allows the club to complete all of it’s admin within the same system as the governing body. This ensures that every SACU member can have the simplest user experience possible when renewing their membership and booking onto events. A streamlined and centralised process to allow members to get back out doing what they love.

David Pring, CEO at GoMembership said “It has been a pleasure working with the team at the Scottish Auto Cycling Association. Using the latest features of GoMembership, SACU will now be able to streamline and simplify their membership purchasing and event permit applications process. I am also pleased that SACU sees the value in Club+ and they will offer this to their clubs to provide a central events booking portal in Scotland.”

Gillian Sefton, National Development Manager at SACU said “The SACU are proud to be part of the GoMembership family and are excited to share this new member journey with our licence holders, clubs and wider membership.  It has been a great experience working with the GoMembership team to build a system that captures all of the intricacies of our complicated sport whilst making sure that the process for our associated clubs and members is much quicker, easier and more modern. We have been asked by our membership to offer an online system and we are delighted to now be able to share this with them. With the new system in place, the SACU are now looking to work more closely with GoMembership through Club+ to create a centralised online event entry system which will make life easier for clubs and riders alike.”