Starting Enduro / Hare & Hounds

Run on courses that are mainly off road, Enduro is a race against the clock.

The event is based about completing a course in a set time. You lose points if you arrive late or early. In a long event it becomes hard to work out if you are on time or not - a real test of brains as well as speed.

The top riders will go "clean" on time - arriving on time every lap - and to split them all riders ride a "special test". At least 2 per day. This is usually a safe part of the course where riders are expected to go at race speed and the rider who completes the test in the shortest time is the winner. The final time is a combination of all the test times plus any penalties for late ( or early) arrival at check points

A Hare & Hounds event is basically a modified Enduro. The course is shorter and usually easier, still marked out like an enduro but without the timed special test. The object of the Hare and Hounds is simply to complete as many laps of the course as you can in the given time. Most Hare and Hounds are run over three hours but there are endurance events which can be held over 6, 8 or  even 12 hours. These events can usually be entered solo or as part of a team.

Remember to cross the finish line after the time duration has ended for your laps to count

If you want to get involved with enduro / hare & hounds then please follow the links below to get in touch with one of our clubs that support enduro / hare and hounds activities:

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