The Scottish Auto Cycle Union (SACU) is the controlling body for motorcycle sport in Scotland. Formed in 1913 and has  more than 40 affiliated clubs organising events for all ages and abilities. The SACU  issues competition licenses, provides event insurance and training for officials and each sporting discipline has its own committee, elected by the clubs, to help promote and develop their sport.

Contact the SACU E:mail  Tel: 01506 858 354

Extension of 2020 SACU Licenses in to 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic closing down motorcycle sport for a significant amount of 2020 and riders being unable to make use of their licenses, the SACU have made the decision to extend all 2020 licenses until January 2022 at no cost to our riders.

2020 license cards are valid until 31st January 2022.

24th August 2020

To All Clubs and Members,
Motorcycle Sport in Scotland

It’s been a few weeks now since the SACU were given authority directly by the Scottish Government to get back to our sports. We are pleased to see that our Trials clubs have successfully started to put events on the ground, Stuart Flockhart has plans to get some motocross going soon and other plans are in place for other disciplines.

The Board of Directors, the Discipline Committees and Development Team worked hard to find ways back into sport that did everything to protect our riders and club officials. It was a long, often laborious task ensuring that the processes we were required to put in place were workable with minimal additional stress and work for clubs and event organisers.

We are aware there is disquiet among members and clubs, both at the delays in getting back to our sports and at some of the issues that have arisen over the last few weeks so we feel some explanation is necessary to ensure people understand what’s been happening.

Let us be clear, the delays in getting back to sport were down to the Scottish Government refusing to sanction our return to sport any sooner despite slowly opening out other sports. We were eventually given authority to return before any general opening of sport because of our robust, workable guidelines. Even today, sport in general still has elements of lockdown and despite some relaxation in the rules, several sports remain firmly “locked out”.

We believed we were in place to start issuing permits for small scale practice and club events as we entered Phase 2 of the easing of lockdown. Some local sign off rules, ie Police, NHS and Local Council were requested by our insurers to protect our clubs and members. However, without government sanction we could not return to sport.

I have used the terms “government authority” and “sanction” throughout this message. As of today, the SACU are the only body in territorial Scotland that are legally sanctioned by the Scottish Government to licence, permit and Insure motorcycle events. We have been questioned by sportscotland on the rulings that allow other permitting authorities to issue permits in Scotland leading to a legal review of permitting by sportscotland’s legal team and lawyers. We will fulfill our legal obligations in answering any questions put to us.

We were not happy with delays, we argued long and hard to get back to sport as early as possible, but we believe we were fundamentally right to stay within the law to protect our clubs and membership.

Covid-19 has changed society, until it returns to whatever normal will be in the future, we would ask our members to be patient. The First Minister changes what society can and cannot do almost daily, we will continue to follow that guidance both nationally and locally. We cannot predict when the norms we had before will return but be assured, we hope its soon as well.

Yours in Sport,

Maj A M Mack MBE

3rd August 2020
Dear members,
As you may know, in order for the SACU to be able to begin issuing permits again, we require direct signoff from the Scottish Government. We have been working in partnership with sportscotland over the past weeks to ensure we have all of the relevant planning and documentation in place. These plans were submitted a number of weeks ago and we are in the process of awaiting approval.
sportscotland have informed us that at present, seven Sport Governing Body (SBG) partners are awaiting approval of their Return to Sport Guidance directly from the Scottish Government. The SACU are one of these SGBs. Whilst sportscotland have expressed confidence that the key measures around COVID-19 Risk Assessments, physical distancing, hygiene protocols etc. put in place by the SACU are satisfactory, Scottish Government must approve the guidance directly before we are allowed to return to sport and begin issuing practice permits.
We appreciate your continued patience during this time and share your eagerness to get back to motorcycle sport. However, at this point the decision lies entirely with the Scottish Government and is out of our hands.
Any organised motorcycle sport that is currently ongoing is unsanctioned by Government and should not be taking place as it is therefore considered to be unlawful. We hope to receive an official ‘go ahead’ very soon and when we do, you will be the first to know.
Yours in sport,


10th July 2020


The Directors of the SACU hope that you and your families are well.

The First Minister issued more direction to Scotland by announcing Phase 3 and the easing of restrictions in Scotland. We may travel more than 5 miles for leisure activities. However we must try to stay within our local area and the 2 meter social distance rule will remain in place.

The Board of Directors held a virtual meeting on Friday 3rd July to plan what is safe and within the Government guidelines for our members whilst taking part in motorcycle activities. The SACU office opened on Monday the 6th July and will only be open for the following hours:

  • Monday 0900- 1630
  • Wednesday 0900 – 1630
  • Friday 0900 – 1330

The office will remain closed to the public for the safety of the staff and this must be adhered to.

SACU licenses will now be issued to those who require them.

Permits for events will be issued under Government Guidelines as below.

The discipline Chair’s and the Board have been working hard to put the necessary procedures in place with Risk Assessments and Operating Procedures to allow us to return to our sport in a safe and controlled manner. These will be issued to clubs to aid them to return under the SACU and Government Guidelines.

From the 13th July ALL disciplines will be able to conduct practice in limited numbers (This will be dictated by the size of the venue)

  • Trials – Will be able to conduct Practice and Closed to Club events.
  • MX – Practice only.
  • Enduro – Practice Only.
  • H&H – Practice Only.
  • Road Race – Practice Only.

The SACU will issue a set of Operating Procedures and a Risk Assessment for each discipline and the type of event they will run. These must be followed and in place before a permit will be issued. Clubs must ensure that they gain permission from the Land owners, Local Police and Local Authority to meet with the guidelines issued by the SACU Insurance Company.

Not all disciplines will be able to return to competition straight away due to the numbers involved in their events, however, as we move forward and restriction are eased, we will assess the Government Guidelines and issue more guidance to those disciplines for the return to competition..

The Board has made the decision that SACU licenses will be extended and more details will follow shortly.

For 2020 the following SACU Championships have been cancelled, Trials, Road Racing and Enduro. We hope that we may still be able to hold a Motocross, Quad and Hare & Hound Championships later in the year, government guidelines allowing.

From the Board of Directors please stay safe and act responsibly.

Yours in Sport,



Major Sandy Mack MBE

SACU Chairman

Scottish Government website:


29th May 2020


The Directors of the SACU hope that you and your families are well.

The First Minister issued direction to Scotland on the 28th May announcing Scotland should still “Stay at Home” and continue to socially distance until the R rate drops to a safe level.

The First Minister also advised that we are now in a position where phase 1 of the recovery plan can begin.

This means a relaxation of the rules around outdoor exercise in that we may exercise outside as much as we want, but we must stay within our local area (5 mile radius is recommended).  It also means a return to some outdoor non-contact sports as part of that phased return. Full details of what that means is available on the Scottish Government website:

We understand that SACU members are also keen to return to participation and we are currently working with sportscotland and Scottish Government in this difficult time to develop the pathway to us re-starting our sports disciplines in a safe manner to not burden the NHS and other emergency services.  We fully understand the frustrations of our members and we will do everything we can to ensure a quick but safe return to motorcycling.

We have been made aware of proposed events this weekend. A return to motorcycle sport is not yet permitted under the Scottish Government guidelines and SACU has not issued any event permits. We would like to remind members that SACU is the sole permit issuing authority for Scotland so events currently being promoted are unlawful and we would strongly advise our members not to participate.

The situation is very fluid, and we continue to monitor the daily changes with our partners. Event permits will be issued at the earliest opportunity, when it is safe to do so.

The SACU Board of Directors will hold virtual meetings post Scottish Government announcements when we will review the situation and deliver clear direction to our clubs and members on how we will move forward.

Our Principles

These are the principles by which we will make our decisions:


We will ensure that transmission of the virus remains suppressed and that our NHS and care services are not overwhelmed.


We will respect the rule of law which will include ensuring that any restrictions are justified, necessary and proportionate.


We will use the best available evidence and analysis.

Fair & Ethical

We will uphold the principles of human dignity, autonomy, respect and equality.


We will provide clarity to the public to enable compliance, engagement and accountability.


We will consider the viability and effectiveness of options.


We will work with our partners and stakeholders, including the UK Government and other Devolved Nations, ensuring that we meet the specific needs of Scotland.

From the Board of Directors please stay safe and stay at home.

Yours in Sport



Major Sandy Mack MBE

SACU Chairman

13th May 2020


The Prime Minister has delivered his address to the nation on Sunday the 10th May announcing a ‘conditional Plan’ to reopen society in England and issued a covid-19 level alert system for England consisting of five levels.

The First Minister has issued direction to Scotland announcing Scotland will “Stay at Home” and continue to self-isolate until the R rate drops to a safe level before Scotland will reopen. As we are the sole issuing permitting authority for Scotland, we must follow the Scottish Government guideline.

The SACU Board of Directors will hold a virtual meeting prior to the 31 May 2020. When we will review the situation and deliver clear direction to our clubs and members on how we will move forward.

From the Board of Directors please stay safe and stay at home.

Yours in Sport



Major Sandy Mack MBE

SACU Chairman

Scottish Government Direction:

Margaret Muirhead

The Management Committee of the SACU were saddened to hear of the passing of former SACU Treasurer Margaret Muirhead.

Hailing from Brunstane in Edinburgh she was a long term employee of the British Linen Bank on The Mound.  Margaret  had been the Trials and Enduro Secretary for the Melville Club through the 60’s and 70’s moving into a role as SACU Treasurer which she held for a number of years.  In addition to this she travelled throughout the UK and Europe managing SACU competitive teams in a number of disciplines.

She had an undoubted influence on early programmes on safety within motorcycle sports and was involved in the first RAC/SACU motorcycle training schemes held at Gorgie Market.

Obviously at this time there are no details of funeral arrangement.

Bob Mac Road Races Cancelled

“The Scottish Classic Racing Motorcycle Club regret to inform our loyal competitors and supporters, that due to the current unprecedented circumstances we have made the painful decision to cancel the 2020 Bob Mac meeting.  We would like to THANK YOU ALL, riders, marshals, officials, sponsors, spectators, medics and everyone involved for supporting our cherished event and making it (in our opinion) one of the highlights of the racing season calendar.  We aim to continue the legacy of this event and hopefully see you again at the Bob Mac in June 2021.

Best wishes to you all, stay safe

SCRMC(Ltd) Road Race Committee “

SACU Office Manager Retirement 

Dear Club Secretaries and Committee members

As announced by the SACU Chairman Maj Sandy Mack MBE at the AGM in February I will be retiring at the end of the week.

It has been an honour to be the office manager and work with such a dedicated group of volunteers over many years. Thank you for all your help and may I wish all the clubs and officials all the best for the future – particularly at this very testing time.”

Yours in sport – stay safe

Charles Mackenzie

31st March 2020

Scottish Motor Sports

The SACU and Motorsport UK today announced the conclusion of the Scottish Motor Sports (SMS) partnership.

The partnership, established in 2011 was a collaboration between the SACU and the governing body of four-wheel motorsport in the UK, Motorsport UK. The collaboration was aimed at tackling development issues at the grass roots level across all aspect of motorsport uniting the SACU and the Scottish four-wheel motorsport clubs.

The project has had many successes, within the SACU the Kingdom Off-Road Club has broken down many barriers within the Fife area bring in support from Fife Regional Council and other grant support. There are numerous other examples of successes that break down the normal motor sport barriers.

The decision to end the partnership was driven by Motorsport UK and their needs for a unified UK wide development strategy, they could not achieve that with a differing strategy in Scotland. The 31st of March ends the current 4-year cycle of sportscotland so brings a natural end to the project.

The end of the partnership now presents an opportunity to the SACU to better integrate our development team Gillian Sefton and Shabaz Khan and to develop our own strategy to better fit the needs of the SACU and primarily our clubs and sports.

SACU Chairman Sandy Mack noted “It’s disappointing that we could not keep the relationship going but we understand Motorsport UK’s perspective. We wish them and the Scottish Car Clubs the best for the future. For the SACU, its an opportunity to create our own development strategy, pulling our knowledge and expertise of our sports together with the development skills of Gillian and Baz and the support of sportscotland to herald a new era in SACU development”

For further information please contact

COVID-19 Update SACU – SACU Office Closure

Due to the current situation and the direction of the Government and the PM the SACU office has been closed.  You will all understand that we must ensure the wellbeing of the staff at this time.

I am also available on the following means should you wish to contact me:

Mobile: 07584 705941


We are constantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation and as we stated previously we will reassess the situation on the 31 May 20.

Please stay safe and follow the governments Guidelines.

Yours in Sport





Scottish Pre 65 Trial 2020


Please see here for more details

Message from the ACU Chairman – 19th March

Dear Members, Officials and Staff

For over a hundred years the ACU, it’s committee’s and staff have served it’s members whether they be riders, passengers, support crew and families, it’s supported it’s clubs and members, event officials and their families, we’ve worked with event promotors, medical support teams, sponsors, journalists, manufacturers and the motorcycle sporting industry, insurers and legal companies, rights of way representatives and politicians and we’ve always managed to keep motorcycle sport running in the most challenging circumstances.

At the time of writing and as you know the virus is spreading across the country and as seen across the World with devastating consequences, we share the families afflicted sorrow and as thousands of people suffer it’s not a time to be organising sporting events and as seen by our World representative for motor cycle sport the Federation Of International Motorcyclists FIM they have postponed all World and Continental Championship events.

As we wait for better times you may have questions for the ACU team at Rugby who are there to help and will answer your questions if possible but to make it a bit easier for them you will find most information on the ACU web site  then when we return to racing or trials the ACU staff and the many thousands of officials that organise and run the events will be ready to get your season started.

I need to say that myself and the ACU Board appeal to members to not ride their competition motorcycles in any circumstances during this period because to ride a competition motorcycle you know there are risks to yourself and others. Please think that if your seriously injured riding a competition motorcycle you will use valuable medical resources which may result in you being ultimately responsible for somebody else’s failure to receive the appropriate life saving treatment.

Through the coming weeks please think of others and help us all get through these unprecedented times.

Take care

Roy Humphrey

Chairman ACU Ltd

SACU Statement to Members – Coronavirus-19 16th March 2020

The Board of Directors have made the very hard decision to cancel all SACU permitted events till 31 May 2020. We will assess the situation after this date.

This has not been an easy decision for the board, but considering the situation with the spread of the virus we believe this is the best way to proceed in the interest of our members and their families to ensure their wellbeing.

We will make every effort to ensure scope for any Scottish Championship events to find other dates in the calendar.

I hope you all can understand this decision, and that it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of all involved in Motorcycle Sport.

Yours in sport.


Sandy Mack MBE



SACU COVID-19 Update Statement 13/3/2020

 Dear Member,

We have been monitoring the developing situation with respect to COVID-19.  The progression of the disease in the UK is unfolding, but the pace will quicken  –  timescale unclear  –  such that gatherings of a non-essential nature are likely to become ill-advised.

I believe it is prudent, therefore, to make an early decision now and to cancel SACU meetings (Not EVENTS) and seminars within our boundaries.  This is very much regretted, however, I am sure you will understand that it would be unfair to those attending these events.

  • It is advised that our clubs and members review their own policy with regard to meetings / seminars.
  • We have also taken the decision to extend all Officials licences that are about to expire for a period of one year.

The SACU will continue to monitor the situation and will advise our members of any change that could disrupt our events.  The SACU’s priority is the health and safety of our members within the organisation.  I would ask that if any member has or is suffering from the symptoms of the virus they do not attend events.

We will continue to monitor government advice with regards to events and public gatherings and ensure these details are published when required.

If you have any questions on this please contact me.

Yours in sport


Sandy Mack MBE



Mob: 07584 705941

SACU MX Championship 2020

The first round of the SACU MX Championship was run at Tain on 7/8 March. A great event and very well attended with some close racing .

Full results can be found at


The ACU 2020 Handbook is now available to download on line .

Click here to download

2020 ACU British Enduro Championship

Scottish Riders Entry – 

To all riders looking to enter rounds of the ACU British Enduro Championship for 2020

Entries for the BEC are made on the ACU on line entry system. To enter with an SACU Enduro licence please contact Jillian Nash at the ACU
email :  or phone : 01788 566419 and request a dummy ACU licence number to allow you to access the system.

If you are doing the whole championship and looking to score points please Register for the ACU BEC online using your ACU login.

Full Championship details can be found at

2020 ACU Keedwell British Trials Championship

Scottish Riders Entry –

To riders looking to enter the ACU Keedwell Trial GB

To enter with an SACU Trials licence please contact Jacqui Blake at the ACU
email :   or phone : 01788 566426 , provide proof of your SACU licence validity and request an ACU profile to be set up  to allow you to access the system.

When entering the event, select 2020 ACU Trial GB  Overseas/SACU rider to allow you to enter without a further charge for a one day licence.


What is Actify? – This short 1 minute video will explain

In summary, Actify is an online resource and best practice sharing platform for a range of sports within Scotland. There are some amazing resources that a number of our clubs may find useful i.e. Help when recruiting, retaining and developing volunteers, club sustainability toolkits, the importance of partnership work and many more.

The best thing about it is that it is completely FREE.

If you would like to discuss anything please feel free to get in touch with our SMS Sports Development Officer Shabaz Khan – email him at

SACU Trials Calendar 2020 – now available online.

SACU AGM – 23rd Feb – 2:00 pm at the ARMY Reserve Centre, Beveridge Square , Livingston EH54 6QF.

Voting papers have now  been sent to all clubs

19th July 2020  T. Arnott Moffat Memorial Motorcycle Road Run Regs Available here

Pre 65 Trial 2020 Press Bulletin Jan 2020

The Pre’65 Scottish Trial Committee are very excited to announce that Sammy Miller will be the Guest of Honour at the 2020 Trial. We are very privileged to have Sammy this year and look forward to him sending our competitors off with his wise words and best wishes.

Our new Observer Co-ordinator, Sally Burton, will be sending out invite letters to last years observers soon but if you have not observed before and would like to volunteer your services, please contact Sally by email: or through the contact on the Pre’65 Scottish Trial website: as soon as possible.

Read full press release here

SACU Press Release – Scrutineering

For the attention of ALL SACU Members


For some time now, the SACU has been aware that the practice of scrutineering machines has become less consistent across disciplines, promotors, organisers and fundamentally the relevant associations. Further, it’s become an issue for insurers.

To ensure that we, the SACU, have consistent practises that balances our needs as an organising body and that of our organisers and promoters we have had discussions with our insurers Sports Insure to come up with new guidance on Scrutineering.

Technically “The purpose of scrutineering is to ensure that the competing motorcycle meets with the specifications of the rules and regulations for entry into the event.” What this means is that a Scrutineer or Technical Official is checking that it meets the technical specifications laid down in the ACU Handbook, SACU Standing Regulations and any specific Supplementary Regs  for the event, not whether it’s safe enough to use but that it meets the technical specification.

The new guidance also hands liability for the safety of the machinery to the competitors, “It is not the responsibility of the scrutineer to check that the bikes are safe to take part in the event, that is the responsibility of the competitor.

In practise, Scrutineering will be carried out at the request of the Clerk of the Course, it is their decision how much is deemed necessary.

In Summary,

  • Scrutineering is at the request of the Clerk of the Course
  • It’s purpose is to ensure the machine meets the specification for the event category
  • It does not confirm whether a machine is safe
  • Liability for the safety and operation of the machine is the sole responsibility of the competitor

Discipline committees will be given further guidance to pass to clubs.

SACU MX Championship 2020 – SACU Licences

Following the announcement that SCOTMX run by former Scottish Champion Stuart Flockhart is to host the SACU Scottish MX Championship in 2020 the SACU has arranged for MX only licences to be available online at

Riders may apply for an MX only licence at and pay online or through the SACU office. Riders can also download a paper licence form or send in a standard licence application form available from any SACU club.

The SACU looks forward to welcoming riders to the 2020 MX Championship which will be run over 7 rounds with one round able to be dropped.

For full details see

SACU Motocross 2020

The Board of Directors of the SACU have been working to bring Motocross back to the SACU after a long absence. After some success last season, it became obvious that we needed to partner with an established name within the sport to take the sport forward in a sustainable way.

We are delighted to announce that we have agreed terms with Stuart Flockhart and Scot MX to promote the SACU Scottish Championship in 2020 and in 2021. Stuart’s name is well known in the annals of Scottish Motocross as a former multiple Scottish Champion in Youth and adult classes, top level competitor in British and World Championships. We have invited Stuart to the Board of Directors to act as our Motocross Consultant working with Stewart Campbell to give us a new sustainable championship.

2020 will see a 7 round Scottish SACU Championship across all classes across most of Scotland’s best known tracks.

Round 1 – 7/8 March – Tain

Round 2 – 11/12 April – Duns

Round 3 – 2/3 May – Lochgilphead

Round 4 – Sat 13 June – Doune

Round 5 – 15/16 August – Rhynie

Round 6 – 26/27 September – Drumclog

Round 7 – 10/11 October – Leuchars

SACU Chairman Sandy Mack noted “we are delighted to agree terms with Stuart to run his series as the SACU Scottish Motocross Championships. Stuart has the ability and credibility across the sport to deliver a series we can be proud of. Through the efforts of Stewart Campbell our Motocross Committee Chairman, we’ve been working to bring motocross back to the SACU for some years however the sport has changed and to work properly in motocross again we needed the right promoter. We, the SACU and our SMS Development team, look forward to working with Stuart long into the future.”

Stuart Flockhart commented, “I’m delighted with the progress our series has made in only one year , along with the great feedback and support we have gained from our riders. I’ve been in contact with SACU in recent months and was very impressed with the updated package they are now offering to Scottish clubs. When you combine their solid insurance policy available at an attractive new pricing level, together with their +100 year history in Scottish Motorcycling and the connections brought by affiliation to SACU, this made for an easy decision to join the Scottish Auto Cycle Union to develop our ScotMX racing series”

ScotMX are happy to continue their ongoing partnerships into next year with 2019 series sponsors Carnegie Fuels, Safe Access Highland and Dyce Carriers into 2020, as well as bringing on a valued new support from Westerton Access .

For further details please contact Stuart via

Scottish Motor Sports

The latest newsletter fromm Scotish Motor Sports is now available to download. News about students at iMOTOx electric MX and last weekends Club Development day.

Download here

Press Release from the SACU Road Race Committee for racing in 2020

There are items on Improver sessions in 2020

No more Superbike Cup

Formula 400 to run within Scottish  Lightweights

New licence assessments at two dates at the start of the season and on improver nights only.

Click here for the full Press Release.

SACU  SACU Board Level Vacancy – Lead Child Protection Officer

The SACU is seeking to appoint a Lead Child Protection Officer working with the Company Secretary to manage and develop the Child Welfare and Protection Policy.

Normally appointed from within the Board the SACU is seeking a new candidate from within our sport for this role

For full details on the role and to apply please view the press release here

UPCOMING EVENTS     Click here for the Events Calendar

SMS Funding Guide

The SMS Development Officer has produced an updated for 2019  funding guide for clubs wishing to seek assistance from local councils and sports bodies. A simple explanation of where to apply and links to websites for more details More ….. 

And the result of the 2019 SMS Strategy Consultation is now available – More . . .

Scottish Motor Sports latest newsletter June 2019 – available here .

Scottish Government Regulations on Closed Roads Motorsport

The SACU are pleased to announce that new regulations to support motorsport on public roads in Scotland have now come into force.

Following consultation, the Scottish Government introduced new regulations to the Scottish Parliament in order to better support motorsport. These regulations are now in force and allow for the introduction of a two stage application process which will allow motorsports events to be held on closed public roads. This follows on from the Scottish Parliament having recently voted to approve the regulations introduced by the Scottish Government.

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Michael Matheson, said: “We have a proud tradition of Motorsport in Scotland and this government recognises the need to balance the potential for economic benefits and public enjoyment from motorsports with a high degree of safety.   Full press release here


Ban on body mounted Cameras at SACU permitted events.

The SACU has reviewed the use of body mounted and helmet mounted cameras at SACU permitted events and has confirmed the decision to ban their use.

Bike mounted cameras are permitted at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course . For Road Race events the use of bike mounted cameras must be authorised in writing prior to the events.

Advice on Sports Concussion Injuries

The Scottish Government has issued some guidance on dealing with concussion in sport . See the pamphlet for details and detecting concussion.



This is very important information on what to do if you have had a head injury or concussion. Repeat injuries are very important and can lead to serious injury.


Statement on Illegal Motorcycle Riding

The SACU is  always aware of social issues such as bike theft and illegal riding and the impact these have on our sports and on our members.

In the case of Illegal riding, it is having an impact on a number of areas around Scotland where we are struggling for access to land to hold long established official events due to the selfishness of few riders who think they can ride where they like. These riders pose a direct threat to the sustainability of our offroad disciplines. Read Full Press Release here

SACU Concerns Policy

The SACU has introduced a Policy for contacting the SACU and if need be raising an issue. Please see the attached pdf for the full Policy. Click here


The SACU Mission Statement – this reflects what the clubs want from the SACU and helps us deliver successful sporting events.

Provide – Promote – Protect

The SACU (Motorcycle Sport Scotland) serves to authorise, regulate , promote, organise and sponsor motorcyclists and motorcycle contests, competitions and events.

The SACU act on behalf of members and motorcycling in general on any matter that may seem to be detrimental to their mission and defend and safeguard all of the rights and privileges of it’s members, motorcyclists and motorcycling.

The SACU encourage the participation in and enjoyment of motorcycling so as to unite motorcycling interests in Scotland