On Monday the 3rd of August 2020, The Scottish Government and sportscotland granted permission for the SACU to return to motorcycle sport following the recent cease in practice due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The SACU has been given permission to return to sport following the guidelines outlined below. Event organisers must follow the general guidelines in partnership with the discipline specific guidelines outlined in this document. 

Return to Motorcycle Sport

Guidelines for all Disciplines

The First Minister provided a Covid-19 update on 22 June 2021 and confirmed publication of an updated Strategic Framework (June 2021) and that a  Review of Physical Distancing has been completed following the accelerated rollout of the vaccination programme.  Whilst there is expected to be no immediate change to local protection levels, indicative dates have been provided including all of Scotland moving to Level 0 on 19th July 2021 and out of protection levels (‘Beyond Level 0’) from 9th August 2021.

Although restrictions are expected to be eased it was also confirmed that the protection levels system will remain available should there be a change in circumstances moving forward and therefore the guidance provided within this document will remain in place for protection Levels 0-4.    

Scottish Government are currently reviewing the baseline measures which are to be retained to mitigate ongoing risks of transmission ‘Beyond Level 0’.  Additional Return to Sport & Physical Activity guidance covering ‘Beyond Level 0’ will be provided when this information is available.


Key notes which apply to all disciplines

Organised sporting activities can be undertaken, providing all activity is consistent with current Scottish Government guidance on health, physical distancing and hygiene – you will also need to make sure that your club, facility and participants are made aware and can adapt to changes in guidance at short notice.  Information on Scottish Government’s approach to managing COVID-19 is available at Scottish Government:  Coronavirus in Scotland .  

Clubs and venue operators should adhere to the Scottish Government’s physical distancing guidelines in force at the time.

People who are symptomatic and household members should self-isolate for 10 days as per info on NHS Scotland guidance. No one who is self-isolating should attend a motorcycle event; practice or competition.

We recommend that all participants carry and use hand sanitiser which should be at least 60% alcohol based. Be mindful of the environment and dispose of used wipes, gloves and masks responsibly.

Travel guidance outlined by the Scottish Government should always be adhered to. Guidance is available at Guidance on Travel and Transport.

Guidelines will be updated as we progress through the phases of the Scottish Government Covid-19 Routemap.  Current information is available at Scottish Government:  Covid-19 Framework for decision making .

Scottish Government’s strategic framework document (version: April 2021) for managing COVID-19 provides a 0-4 Level approach to restrictions with each local authority area (or sub-area) placed in a relevant protection Level depending upon its COVID-19 status which will be reviewed weekly. 

Clubs and participants should be aware of their local area protection level and associated restrictions which may be in place and should consider this as part of risk assessment planning.  Broad guidance for sporting activity which should be followed within each Level is set out in the table below. 

Further information on protection levels that apply in each local authority area are available at Coronavirus (COVID-19): local protection levels including a postcode checker.

Additional guidance on sport in general is available from sportscotland.

This is a difficult time for everyone so please be patient.


General Guidance

The club committee or venue operator should ensure all appropriate management processes are in place so that they can effectively oversee and maintain the implementation of measures outlined herein.

It is the responsibility of each club committee/venue operator to undertake a documented Risk Assessment based on their local circumstances, prior to activity taking place.  Consider safety first, particularly focusing on minimising the risk of infection/transmission.  Appropriate measures must be put in place to ensure participants, staff and volunteers are always protected. Risk assessments MUST be submitted to the SACU and approved to receive a permit.

Indoor and outdoor hospitality, including club houses which provide catering and bar services should only re-open when it is safe to do so, in accordance with Scottish Government guidance.

Sports venue operators and clubs may open toilets for public use if they follow the guidelines outlined on the Scottish Government website Opening Public Toilets Guidelines .

  • Public toilets are defined as any toilets accessible to the public. The opening of toilets should be accompanied by local risk assessment, and control measures should be proactively monitored by clubs and venue operators. 
  • All appropriate cleaning procedures and equipment/disinfectant should be provided as per Health Protection Scotland guidance.

All sports organisations/venue operators hosting practice and/or competitive events must abide by relevant SGB guidance and have a named ‘Covid Officer’ who will complete documented risk assessments and ensure all appropriate mitigations are put in place by the sports organisation/venue operator before any outdoor competition or event is undertaken.    

Spectators are permitted under the following circumstances:

  • where supervising a child and/or vulnerable person.
  • where a competition or event is organised and takes place at premises whose entrances and exits are controlled (indoors and outdoors) for the purpose of crowd and capacity management in line with Scottish Government (COVID-19): events sector guidance and (COVID-19): calculating physical distancing capacity in public settings.
  • It is recognised that it may not always be possible to prevent people from spectating [at a competition or event] in a public space such as a park. In such circumstances, the organisers are required to consider mitigating measures as part of their risk assessment/management plan with an emphasis on discouraging, where possible, informal spectating. Any such measures should be clearly communicated by the organiser prior to the competition or event which may include, amongst other things, the displaying of notices around the venue to remind the public to follow Scottish Government guidance.  
  • For clarity, where informal spectating does take place organisers are not expected to enforce government guidance on members of the public in places not under their control.


Outdoor sporting bubbles for training, competition, or small-scale events (Levels 0-3)

An outdoor sporting ‘field of play bubble’, including multiple bubbles, can be used for organised training, competition, or participation events up to the limits noted below.  Coaches, officials, and other volunteers are not included in Level 0 to Level 2 bubble/participation numbers but are at Level 3.  Support staff numbers should be limited to those that are required to ensure a safe, well run activity:

Level 3 – Bubbles of up to 30 with a maximum of 200 participants per day

Level 2 – Bubbles of up to 50 with a maximum of 500 participants per day

Level 1 – Bubbles of up to 100 with a maximum of 1000 participants per day

Level 0 – Bubbles of up to 500 with no participant limit per day


Total numbers taking part in training, competition or events, other than detailed below, should not exceed maximum daily numbers. Once an individual has completed their activity, they should immediately vacate the ‘field of play’ and are then subject to normal household rules.

  • Permanent outdoor sport, leisure and club facilities which are accessed on a regular basis by the general public and/or club members and have in place a designated COVID officer and appropriate risk assessments may exceed the daily participation limit if managed in line with Scottish Government guidance on the opening of indoor and outdoor sport and leisure facilities.  This may, for instance, include operating separate activity zones, implementing staggered time slots and putting in place other measures to ensure participation bubbles remain separate including consideration of parking and access/egress.

Outdoor group coaching for organised sport and physical activity including aerobics and fitness classes can take place if physical distancing is maintained with bubble/participation numbers as identified in this document.


Outdoor sporting bubbles for localised training and competition (Level 4)

Children (aged up to 11 years) can take part in outdoor contact and non-contact organised sport including training, group exercise and competition within their usual club or facility environment.  This does not include inter club competition. A children’s outdoor sporting ‘field of play bubble’ at Level 4 can consist of up to 30 people including coaches and officials at any one time.

Young People and adults (aged 12 years and over) can take part in non-contact organised sport including training, group exercise, aerobics, fitness classes and competition within their usual club or facility environment. An outdoor sporting ‘field of play bubble’ for young people and adults at Level 4 can consist of up to 15 people, including coaches, at any one time.  Physical distancing should always be maintained.

Where there are multiple bubbles operating at the same venue these must be risk assessed to ensure there can be no mixing of participants before, during or after the activity. Specific mitigations could include staggered start times, limiting car parking or controlling access / egress points.

Coaches can run organised outdoor non-contact group training sessions in protection Level 4 for a maximum of 15 people aged 12 years or over (including the coaches) and for up to 30 children (including the coaches) aged under 12 years.



  • Electronic entry preferred. This can be online entry, telephone entry or email (including payment – e.g. bank transfer).
  • Organising Club must carry out Covid-19 Risk Assessment and submit to the SACU for approval This is to ensure all restrictions and guidelines have been considered and the risks either mitigated or removed
  • Entry restricted to vehicle parking and course capacity to ensure social distancing, this should be pre agreed with the SACU
  • Avoid car sharing with anyone from another household unless you deem it to be necessary.  If individuals or groups do car share then they should follow Transport Scotland: advice on how to travel safely and put in place appropriate risk assessment and mitigations.  
  • All machinery and equipment to be clean and disinfected by riders prior to travel
  • All machinery and equipment should be mechanically sound and ready to use prior to travel
  • Riders should be prepared in advance to service their own machine in the event of a breakdown
  • All Riders to bring with them face masks and hand sanitiser



  • Riders must obey Scottish Government social distancing rules at all times
  • Upon arrival, the temperature of every individual should be taken utilising a non-contact method of measurement. Any individual whose temperature exceeds 38’C will not be permitted entry. Officials taking the temperature measurements will wear appropriate PPE.
  • Sign on will be contactless. Present your licence to the event secretary from a safe distance.
  • No riding of machinery prior to start, follow the instructions of the Clerk of the Course
  • Riders must remain in their vehicles and wait to be called before proceeding to the start area
  • When leaving the track/course/section, riders should return directly to their vehicle
  • In the event of an incident occurring, medical staff must use appropriate PPE.
  • Marshals should not remove helmets or gloves from fallen riders. Once a scene is assessed if Medical assistance is required it should be summoned in the normal fashion. Once Medical Services are on scene marshals should either retire to an appropriate distance, or if requested to assist Medical Staff, ensure they have the correct levels of PPE to protect them.


Clubs and event organisers should follow the specific guidance outlined by their relevant discipline committee:


Clubs and event organisers must also comply with general SACU and insurance regulations.



 If a person has a continuous cough, high temperature, or loss or change in taste or smell, they should self-isolate and request a coronavirus test right away. Further information is available at NHS inform: Get a Test or by calling 0800 028 2816 if they cannot get online.


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