SACU Welcomes Sports Development and Management Intern

SACU Welcomes Sports Development and Management Intern

Areef Khan has joined the SACU for an initial 8 week period through our partnership with The University of Stirling’s Sports Management MSc Degree.

Before diving into the world of sports development and management Areef gained numerous accolades within the computing, sales and customer service sectors. For this reason, Areef will work with SACU staff to review and provide recommendations on the new SACU website, carry out a feasibility study and needs analysis for our Disability Motorcycle Sport group as well as work with the development team on larger club and community engagement projects.

Areef - Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to be a part of SACU - Motorcycle Sport Scotland.

I was personally keen on nominating myself for this internship as I’ve always had a keen interest and have been personally involved in Motorbike racing on a grass root level, and the proposition of being able to be a part of a governing body for motorcycle sport was personally really exciting for me!

I’m excited to get an hands on experience and learn the functioning and the work structure of a National Governing Body, I am also keen on meeting and socialising with as many potential people as one could possibly meet on the job to help increase my networking opportunities, I was glad when I was also given the prospect of being able to research and be a part of Disability Motorcycle Sport, it is something is feel very passionately about. I would also be very keen on meeting clubs and potentially external partners to better understand the market.’

NDO Shabaz - ‘It’s great to welcome Areef to the team, from initial conversations its apparent that he is extremely enthusiast and willing to take on a challenge. Areef is joining at a great time when so many meaningful projects are being planned as well as starting to come to fruition. Additionally, Areef’s involvement with the SACU speaks volumes for our ongoing partnership with the University of Stirling.’

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