Notification for Clubs & Members

Dear members,
As you may know, in order for the SACU to be able to begin issuing permits again, we require direct signoff from the Scottish Government. We have been working in partnership with sportscotland over the past weeks to ensure we have all of the relevant planning and documentation in place. These plans were submitted a number of weeks ago and we are in the process of awaiting approval.
sportscotland have informed us that at present, seven Sport Governing Body (SBG) partners are awaiting approval of their Return to Sport Guidance directly from the Scottish Government. The SACU are one of these SGBs. Whilst sportscotland have expressed confidence that the key measures around COVID-19 Risk Assessments, physical distancing, hygiene protocols etc. put in place by the SACU are satisfactory, Scottish Government must approve the guidance directly before we are allowed to return to sport and begin issuing practice permits.
We appreciate your continued patience during this time and share your eagerness to get back to motorcycle sport. However, at this point the decision lies entirely with the Scottish Government and is out of our hands.
Any organised motorcycle sport that is currently ongoing is unsanctioned by Government and should not be taking place as it is therefore considered to be unlawful. We hope to receive an official ‘go ahead’ very soon and when we do, you will be the first to know.
Yours in sport,