The Scottish Auto Cycle Union (SACU) is the National Governing Body for motorcycle sport in Scotland. The SACU develops and promotes a number of motorcycle disciplines including: Road Race (inclusive of Sidecars), Trials, Off Road Speed (Motocross, Enduro, Quads and Supermoto) and Bike Trials (non-motorised)

14 Apr 2024

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Organising Club: PER



Event Regulations

Entry Regulations : SACU permit number 015278
Aberfeldy National Trial - Sunday 14 April 2024


Entry - Adult £20/Youth £10 via on line banking;
Sign on from 9.30am with a 10.30 am start. Closing date is Friday 12 April 2024

Clerk of the Course : Patrick Palmer Environmental Officer : Robert Paterson
Event Secretary : V McMurtrie (dougiepaton101@gmail.com)

Route A:3 Laps of 12 sections over a 5 mile approx course.
Route B is 3 laps of 10 sections over a 5 mile approx course.
Both routes covering Adult & Youth A,B and C (Youth C; 2 laps of 12 sections)
Supplementary Regulations
1. Marking is by non stop rules
2. Riders must not leave the flagged route and anyone doing so will be disqualified immediately
and excluded from results
3. Back markers will close the sections
4. All riders must have lanyard kill switches fitted to bike
5. Riders must advise the Event Secretary of any recent (within 23 days of event) concussion
injury and to produce a suitable GP certificate to state they are able to compete in this event.

You agree to enter the above described event and in consideration thereof you declare you have
had the opportunity to read and understand the National Sporting Code of the ACU/SACU, the
ACU/SACU staying regs, such supplementary Regs that have or may be issued for the event and
agree to be bound by them.
You declare you are physically and mentally fit to take part in this event & are competent to do so
You confirm you understand the nature and type of this event you are entering and its inherent
risks and agree to accept same not withstanding such risks may involve negligence on the part to the organisers or officials
You confirm the machine you will enter on shall be suitable and proper for this purpose
You acknowledge you are required to register your arrival by ‘signing on’ at the designated place
not less than 30 minutes of the start of the event and to ‘sign off’ before you leave.
You confirm you are not currently suspended from ACU/SACU permitted competition or on the
ACU/SACU Stop list as a result of incurring a concussion injury. You will notify the club should
you incur such a suspension or concussion injury between now and this event.
Acknowledgement of the risks of motorsport
Riders understand that by taking part in this event they are exposed to a risk of death, becoming permanently disable or suffering some other serious injury. You acknowledge that even. In the
event of negligence on the part of the ACU, the SACU, the promoter, the organising Club, the
venue owner or any individual carrying out duties on their behalf, were to be contributory cause of any serious injury you may suffer, the dominate cause of any serious injury will always be your voluntary decision to take part in a high risk activity. You have read the above and acknowledge that your participation in motorsport is entirely at your own risk.


Refund of entry fee issued if notification given prior to 10.30am on Saturday 13 April 2024.
Thereafter at discretion of Club.