Melville Motor Club

Melville Motor Club

Melville Motor Club runs 4 two day events at East Fortune (EH39 5LB), in East Lothian.

East Fortune is a Club run circuit, ie: most of the upkeep and maintenance is carried out by volunteers from the Club, usually just one day a week. The money invested in East Fortune has come from bike-racing, and bike racing generates the income for upkeep and improvements as time goes on.

We have a limited number of ‘noisy’ days each year, to keep us below the planning permission threshold. Besides our 4 race meetings and an SACU new-rider day and Practice day in March, we also hire the circuit to the North East Motorcycle Racing Club in May and October for their race weekends, and to the Scottish Classic Motorcycle Racing Club in June, for their Bob McIntyre Memorial Classic Races.

MMC are currently running a 4 set of races programme (as we have a set of 7 races most of the time), and points are allocated to the Open Championship – points allocated on the straight race result – this includes the Scottish Championship races, and is the first set of races each day, after lunch. Club Championship points are allocated to Club members for EACH set of races. You’ll get the idea when you look at the Championship Standings.

¬†Whether at the top of the table,¬†mid-way or holding them all up, we are proud of each racer that sets wheel on track, and that’s why we do what we do, to support each one of them.

Melville Championship Points 2019

Final Club Points Rev 01.pdf

Final Open Points

Final Sidecar Points