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 Road Racing – How do I get Started?

  • Speak to riders in the class that you would like to compete in also speak to Officials who run Meetings.
  • Join a Club, either one that is close to you (who may have a social side) or one that runs Road Race Events.
  • Go and get an Eye Test. You will require this for your Licence.
  • Decide on the Class you want to compete in and make sure your bike complies.
  • Find out about compulsory Novice Training to attain your Novice Licence. This information is available from the SACU Office (phone number 01506 858354)
  • You must attend a Novice Training Day to complete Part 1 (written test) and Part 2 (on circuit training) and have your Licence signed by a Training Officer before you can enter an Event. DO NOT enter any Events until you have both signatures on the back of your Licence.
  • Prepare your budget for racing
  • Contact the Clubs you intend to race with to organise Entry Forms.
  • Make sure that Entry Forms are completed IN FULL and returned to the relevant Club with the correct fee – 14 days prior to the event.

National Licences:

  • Allows entry into British National Status Events and some European Events.

International Licences:

  • You must have held a National Licence for a period of 1 year to be able to receive an International Licence.

Start Permission for riding abroad

  • For events outside the UK you will need a start permission from the SACU Office. This also includes racing at any events  in Ireland.
  • Please complete the Start Permission request form and send to the SACU Office.   SACU Start Permission application


  • Helmets (must be ‘Gold’ Standard Stamped), ‘One Piece’ Leathers, Boots, Gloves, ID Disc, Back Protector.

Before purchasing any of these items take advantage from established riders and Club Officials and always consult the ACU Handbook.


Road Race Retention Card Pre Injection 600 Tech Specs 2016 Scottish Championship and Support Classes 2017
Road Race CHAMPIONSHIP CONDITIONS 2017 Road Race LICENCE CONDITIONS 2017  Licence Restrictions 2017
 Formula 600 class guidance  Road Race Dates for 2017

New Rider Assessment Dates – 2017

East Fortune  19th March

Knockhill TBC

In addition New Rider Assessments are carried out on the Saturday morning of all  Championship Road Race Meetings.