Quad Information

What is Quad Motocross?

Just like 2 wheeled Motocross, Quad racing is spectacular and colourful.  Motocross was formally known as scrambling and when quad bikes became available it did not take long for them to be used for racing. Men, boys and girls take finely tuned machines to the tops of hills or the deepest of valleys and race against each other on pre-determined tracks to see who can; jump the highest; or the furthest; or indeed go the fastest to reach the chequered flag first.

It is a family sport and indeed there are many third generation riders now starting as early as 6.  Both boys and girls travel over the country most weekends to participate in the sport, or watch their Dad racing.

There are several clubs in Scotland both for Adult and Schoolpersons, who are only too pleased to help and support new riders start racing.

Join a club, get a Competition Licence and start racing.  The youngest age limit is 6 years but no upper one.
Bikes can be purchased either privately as rider’s upgrade, or from many dealers around the country. You will also need all the correct clothing and an ACU stamped helmet.

Once you have your competition licence check where the meetings are (T + MX News) and phone the event Secretary for an entry form. Go along on the day and the first thing to do is go to race control to sign on and pay your entry fee. Once you have signed on you will need to get your bike, clothing and helmet scrutineered. After this you will be have practice and then the racing will begin.

If you are interested in Quad racing, Adults and Youth, please contact any of the clubs on the Clubs page or the SACU Office on 01506 858 354


(a)     Join a club that is close to you (and you can be involved in the social side) or one which organises Motocross.
(b)     Decide on the class you intend to compete in and are eligible for and the machine you intend to use.
(c)     Purchase your machine, riding suit, helmet, boots etc.
(d)     Prepare your machine.
(e)     Apply for a Competition Licence. (this must to be through your Club)
(f)      Contact Organising Clubs for entry forms, complete them correctly and return them to the event secretary.
(g)     Follow any final instructions sent to you, be on time and enjoy your Motocross.

Below are the Quad acing classes, machine capacities and age groups. Before buying a Quad please speak to QRS Scotland, see Clubs page, as the dimensions of the Quad and modifications allowed also need to be considered

Youth age groups and maximum engine capacity

Class A

14 to 17 years

Open Class – 250cc 2 stroke air cooled/water cooled /maximum 250cc 4 stroke

Class B

12 to 16 years

Open Class (air cooled)
200cc 2 stroke / maximum 250cc 4 stroke

Class C

11 to 16 years

Standard Class (air cooled)
200cc 2 stroke / maximum 250cc 4 stroke

Class D

9 to 14 years

Geared Open Class
100cc 2 stroke / maximum 150cc 4 stroke

Class E

8 to 13 years

Auto Open Class 100cc 2 or 4 stroke

Class F

8 to 13 years

Standard Class 100cc 2 stroke or 4 stroke

Class G

7 to 9 years

Open Auto Class 50cc

Class H

6 to 9 years

Standard Auto Class 50cc


Quad Standing Regs 2016