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SACU Motocross for 2019

 Dates have been agreed for the SACU MX 2019 Championship

There is also a Facebook Page with updates   Scottish Motocross Championship SACU

Please note change to dates – 23rd June is now at Drumclog and 29th September is at Lochgilphead

Rd1 17th March Tain

Rd2 23rd June Drumclog. (The round at Drumclog will also count towards Drumclog Club Championship for anyone who is a member of the club.)

Rd3 20th July Doune (Sat)

Rd4 29th September Lochgilphead

Entry forms available below


Please contact Janice Johnstone if you have any queries

Round 2  SACU – MX -Champ Entry Form 2019 Drumclog 23rd June 2019

Round 3  SACU – MX -Champ Entry Form 2019 Doune 20th July 2019

Round 4  SACU – MX -Champ Entry Form 2019Lochgilphead 29th September 2019

Championship Registration form – please complete and forward to Janice  2019 SACU Scottish MX Championship Registration (Link fixed)

Drumclog MCC Membership Form – complete if required and forward to Janice   2019 Drumclog Motoparc Club Membership  


Scottish MX Championship Reulations 2019  SACU CHAMPIONSHIP MOTOCROSS Regulations 2019

Please note  Transponders will be available to hire at a cost of £10 rider MUST inform Secretary of meeting Monday prior to event they wish to hire one. Bank card/ Driving licence Must be left for security when hiring.

Drumclog Motoparc Club Championship 



2019 Drumclog Motoparc Club Membership