Message from Paul Carlyle – March 2013

First let me start by acknowledging with gratitude the support expressed at the AGM this year on my election to the Chair of the SACU. I am humbled and energised by the job I have been given and promise to do my best to guide the SACU forwards to develop our sport with energy and with a commitment to transparency.

Having said that I am conscious that it is well over a week since the last board meeting and I am only now getting round to preparing a note following that meeting. There is a good reason for this as on Friday we had a useful meeting with our insurers and I wanted to be able to report progress on this as promised at the AGM.

Our meeting on the 5 March gave me an opportunity to welcome our newly elected board members to the board and to acknowledge their commitment to our sport. One of our new members, Brian Abel, has volunteered to prepare a summary of the meetings going forward and so I will in this note give only a brief review of some of the key points we discussed.

Office Manager

Following a good level of response to our advertisement, interviews for our new office manager are to take place very shortly and I hope soon to make an appointment and announce our new office manager.

Scottish Motorcycle Show

Arrangements for the SACU stand at the show were well in hand by the time of our meeting and those of you who visited the stand at the show were hopefully pleased to see the SACU well represented. During the time I spent at the show we had a number of enquiries from people interested in starting into our sport which is a good sign for the future.


As intimated at the AGM, we are in discussions with our insurers to explore different ways of managing the insurance cost which as you know has been a significant drain on SACU finances in recent years when measured against much lower levels of participation and indeed a number of events not taking place at all. Following our meeting on Friday I believe we have identified a different method of funding insurance which will mean that the SACU is exposed to less financial risk while still delivering the high quality of cover to our clubs, officials and competitors. We still have some minor wrinkles to iron out but I strongly believe we are on the right track. I will be picking up with each of the sporting discipline chairmen over coming days to review where we have got to. Rest assured that in the meantime, all the necessary insurances are in place in the same way as they always were.

I would urge everyone to look at the SACU section of the web-site and familiarise themselves with the level of cover that the SACU offers. I believe we offer a high standard of cover for our riders and clubs.

Structure of the SACU

At the meeting we took our first steps to start reviewing the way our constitution works and to consider new options. This project is at a very early stage and there is nothing conclusive to report yet. I do believe, however, that there are some relatively easy changes we can make to render our SACU more “fit for the fight”.

Finally, I wish the Elgin Endurance Club the best of luck in hosting the British Enduro Championship over Easter Weekend. I will be lining up on the start line and performing my usual role of mobile chicane.

Yours in sport