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When does my competition licence expire?

All competition licences expire on 31st December in the year they are issued. However you can continue to use the licence up until the end of January in the following year to allow time for you to apply and receive your new licence.


How much does my competition licence cost?

For 2018 a full annual Adult licence is £50 and a Youth licence is £45. For 2018 A Trials Registration Card is now available for £12. A One Event Licence (OEL) is £15 or £6 for Trials  but Clubs may charge more than this if for example a day club membership is included.


Where can I get a competition licence application form?

Before applying for a SACU competition licence you must be a member of an affiliated club. The club secretary will then provide you with a signed competition licence application form.

Off-Road One Event Licence application forms are available to download from the Documents page of this site or from the competition secretary on the day of the event. A One Event Licence is not available for Road Race events.


Do first time Youth licence applicants need to provide proof of age?

First time Youth licence applications must  include a copy of either the applicants birth certificate or passport to verify their age.


How do I get Start Permission and Insurance for Racing in Ireland or the Continent?

You must hold a Discipline Annual National Licence, you must also have insurance meeting the FIM minimum standard or for an insurance quote contact the SACU Office with the details of where and when the event is you wish to enter. Download an application form here 


Do I need to provide a photograph for a competition licence and a trials registration card?

You must provide a photograph along with your licence application form. If you have the new style credit card licence you do not require to provide a new photograph every year, an updated photograph should be provided every 3 years.