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fraserfEnduroSport: The sport of timed cross-country endurance riding has been taking place in Scotland over the past thirty years. Derived originally from the ISDT – International Six Day Trial format – several riders in Scotland decided they would form a club and have this as regular competition.

Initial test “events” were held in the highlands and the Scottish Borders. These proved popular and eventually several clubs were formed from the Borders to the Grampians. The Scottish Championship is held over events as far apart as Dalmellington and Elgin. This year there are 7 events – with a Two-Day Enduro to really test the riders.

The main difference between Enduro riding and Motocross is its timed nature. It is a test against the course. Having actually got round the course without losing any time penalties you are then faced with a timed “Special Test”. This is what separates the winners from the rest. This is a safe part of the course where you can go as fast as you can over a cross country or Motocross style test lasting up to 10 minutes. In some events the final places are often decided by only a few seconds after four hours of competition.

Scottish events are characterised by their fairly hard nature – no flat sandy forests up here. The scenery is also a great attraction for some riders – as you get to ride over ground not normally accessible to bikes. Riders come from the North of England, Ireland and there have been foreign riders from Sweden and even the USA.

It is a sport that caters for all levels of riders. Expert, Clubman and Sportsman.. All riders cover the same ground for the same time. The Expert riders doing more laps than the Clubman etc. It is also a sport for all ages with a separate classes now for the over 40’s and over 50’s. There are many riders nearer 60 than 40 who still compete regularly. It seems to keep you healthy.

Riders from Scotland compete in the British Championship with great success and also in the World Enduro Championship. We also have a crop of talented younger riders also starting to make their mark.

We also send a team to the ISDE – the Olympics of off road sport – this year to be held in Italy.  At the 100th ISDE our team of 3 riders finished 9th in the world – and all our riders were of gold standard. And in 2015 they finish a magnificent 5th – best British club team again. And in 2016 they finished 4th.

If you are interested in trying out EnduroSport, any of the clubs will be delighted to welcome you. All that is required to enter is a club membership and a day licence. A suitable machine – trials bike, trail bike or even a scooter was once entered (but its ground clearance meant it was mostly carried round). There is also a web site with details of all the events in Scotland, results and regulations available – www.scottishenduros.co.uk.

The 2020 Enduro Calendar is available on the this website along with with club contact details.

Finishing any Enduro is important, as it is more about you against the course. It is exactly what it says – ENDURO. So if you try and don’t finish your first event keep going till you do.

There will be a couple of training days this year when the experts can show everyone else how easy it is and pass on some riding tips.

As well as Enduros we now have a Hare and Hounds Championship during the year that are an ideal way to start the sport. Never too far away from the pits and you can stop when you get tired.

Competition Licence Eligibility:
All riders must be aged 16 years or over.

Protective Clothing and Equipment:
Suitable strong clothing must cover legs, arms and body. Knee length boots and gloves in leather or other approved material must be worn. Body armour is generally favoured by most riders.

Helmets bearing the new ACU gold or silver stamp and in sound condition and properly fitted must be worn throughout the event. In addition most riders now carry a camelback drinks system to enable them to re-hydrate on the course. A tool bag with basic spares is also important.

And very important keep it quiet – 94 dBa for Enduros .

Download ACU Handbook here


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