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Permit Application Process (Covid)


As of Monday 3rd August 2020, the SACU has been granted permission from sportscotland and Scottish Government to begin issuing closed to club practice and competition permits.


The process of applying for a permit has changed slightly due to amendments in the SACU’s coronavirus operational procedures.


The SACU has been working with the Discipline Chairs to create the new Coronavirus Risk Assessment templates for clubs to make use of:


Enduro / Hare and Hound

Motocross and Quads

Road Race 

The Risk Assessment documents are designed as templates/guides for clubs to make use of. They are not meant to be exhaustive. If clubs would prefer to create their own Risk Assessments for submission, this is acceptable. 


The permit application process is as follows:

  • Liaise with the office staff to provide event details, i.e. discipline, type of permit required and proposed event date.
  • Send your completed Risk Assessment to
  • Following Risk Assessment approval from SACU staff, a permit will be issued
  • On receipt of approved permit the club can begin taking entries


Please note that a risk assessment must be completed for each proposed venue. If a club intend on using the same venue for differing disciplines or event types additional risk assessments will be required.



Return to Riding Fund

In order to support our clubs throughout this process, the SACU have created the ‘Return to Riding Fund.’ The purpose of the fund is to allow clubs to apply for funding in order to create a safe environment for SACU associated practice and competition to take place.

This may include, but is not limited to:
• Purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE)
• Purchase of sanitation equipment
• Purchase of hand held contactless thermometers
• Purchase of contactless sign on equipment
• Government guideline signage

Click here for more information. 

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