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SACU Quad Racing Championship Dates 2016    

Round 1                 SACU & QRS Championship /NETT Sunday  24th April Drumclog
Round 2 SACU & QRS Championship  Saturday 21st May  Cardenden
Round 3 SACU & QRS Championship Sunday 22nd May Cardenden
  QRS/NETT    Sunday 12th June Wooley Grange
Round 4 SACU & QRS Championship /NETT Sunday 10th July Humbie
Round 5 SACU& QRS/NETT Championship Saturday 30th July Rhynie
Round 6 SACU& QRS/NETT Championship Sunday 31st July Rhynie
  QRS/NETT  Sunday 11th Sept Wooley Grange

Top events planned for the top of the country! 

 Quad Racing Scotland have announced their 2016 calendar of events. The eight round Championship will again run four joint rounds with NETT, promising quad racers based across the Northern half of the UK a challenging season ahead.

 The first round, on Sunday 24 April, is a joint one, both clubs making a welcome return to Drumclog, the scene of some of the most spectacular racing in years gone by.  More recently, a lot of work has gone into upgrading both the track and the paddock, making it an ideal season opener for QRS.        

 A double header is planned for rounds two and three, at Fife Moto Park, where last September spectators, on another double header weekend, witnessed a nail-biting finish to the 2015 season in Scotland with Leon Beda eventually winning the SACU Championship and Murray Graham successfully defending his QRS Champion title. 

 Long established venue Wooley Grange is next up on the calendar – QRS round four. It proved a popular venue for a joint QRS/NETT round last year and will feature twice this year, hosting the final round of both championships too on 11 September.  The previous day will see Wooley play host to NETT’s penultimate round, a twist which could bring fitness and reliability into play. 

 But before the final round, riders have Humbie and Rhynie to contend with.  Humbie, ideally located just off the A68, South of Edinburgh, a relatively new track used for the first time last year by QRS/NETT, is to have an upgraded paddock area for 2016. And Rhynie, the most northerly venue this season will be a double header, scheduled during school holidays to make it easier on those who have further to travel.

 The usual three race format will apply.  Youth classes will run in two groups, with a shortened track for 50cc and 100 auto bikes. The 250cc hybrid class will run in a group with Adult Supports and O40s and the Adult Championship class will run alone.  Sidecars will also run on the joint QRS/NETT rounds and there may also be a solo support class on some rounds, details of which will be published separately. 

 To join the club and keep up to date with details of the forthcoming season, visit the Quad Racing Scotland Facebook page or click the link below or paste it into your browser: